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International Tyre Business collects used truck, earth-moving vehicle and agricultural vehicle tyres throughout the Benelux. We relieve you of all your worries and deliver customised solutions where necessary. Our aim is always to build long-term customer relationships. If your company is based in the Netherlands or Luxembourg, we would be happy to make you a concrete offer based on your specific situation and wishes. If you are based in Belgium and a member of the Recytyre system (the management body for scrap tyres), we will dispose of your tyres free of charge. If you are not yet a member, we would be happy to help you register.

That's how we work

If you contact us, we will discuss the following matters with you:

  • the number of used tyres you wish to dispose of each year/month;
  • which types of scrap tyres you would like us to collect;
  • how often you would like tyres to be collected;
  • whether the tyres can be disposed of through the Recytyre system;
  • any specific requirements you may have concerning collection;
  • any associated disposal costs.

After going through all of your wishes, you will receive a tailor-made proposal from us. An overview of your used tyres after collection is available at all times.

Inspecting collected tyres

We inspect all tyres that we collect. Sometimes this takes place at your location, in other cases in our inspection centre. If the tyres are reusable and therefore of value, we will pay you the appropriate compensation.

One-off collection of scrap tyres

We are also at your service for the one-off collection of tyres. We would be happy to make an appointment to discuss the number and types of tyres you would like to dispose of. We do not accept contaminated tyres or tyres with rims.

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