Always a wide choice

At International Tyre Business in Moerdijk, you always have plenty of choice in used tyres. All of the tyres in our wide range are inspected thoroughly. This means that you can always choose from the best used tyres of the highest quality. All types, sizes and brands of tyres are available in large numbers at special, competitive prices.

Why reuse tyres?

  • Cost-efficient solution
  • Environmentally friendly
  • Always a wide choice
  • Extends the life cycle of tyres
  • Preserves raw materials
  • Optimisation of the product cycle

That's how we work

If you are interested in purchasing and/or exporting used truck tyres, please contact our sales manager. We would like to know which size, brand and type of tyre you are looking for. You are welcome to check the tyres yourself or we can take care of this for you. We then set out the sales conditions, transport arrangements and any other requirements you may have.

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