Casing Monitor, the independent tyre casing management system that removes all doubts

In 2014, International Tyre Business developed the tyre casing management system Casing Monitor for hauliers, service providers and manufacturers. Casing Monitor is a platform that combines the collection of commercial, agricultural and earth-moving vehicle tyres with a professional, independent inspection of each casing.

24/7 insight into tyres and reports

The platform is set up in such a way that you can view the dismounted tyres online 24/7. Casing Monitor also contains a clear inspection report on your casing, including detailed photos. The objective inspection data are online within 24 hours of the inspection, so you can quickly get a precise insight into the condition of the tyre.

Removes all doubt

Casing Monitor offers you the possibility to monitor tyres after dismounting. This allows you to check whether tyres have been correctly removed and to see the reason for their removal online. The platform also offers the possibility to view any damage caused to your tyres. This excludes any discussion, saves you time by being able to view your tyres quickly online and allows you to take timely action if damage occurs to casings that could have been prevented.

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Proud developer of the tyre casing management system that removes all doubts.

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