Why do business with International Tyre Business?

If you are looking for the right price/quality ratio for used tyre casings, ITB is the place for you. Thanks to the size of our company and network, we can offer you a broad range of different brands, sizes and qualities. Our experience and expertise mean that we can always guarantee the best price-quality ratio. In addition to the sale of truck tyre casings, we also take care of the collection, inspection, distribution and storage of tyre casings, reconditioned tyres and new tyres. In everything we do, we strive to provide the service that customers demand.


Our mission is to maximise the lifespan of tyre casings by making use of various reuse, reconditioning and recycling solutions.


We strive to offer our customers the best quality casings at the best price, convenience and service in the collection and distribution of tyres, and to make a valuable contribution to the circular economy.

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