More than 30 years of experience in used tyres

For more than 30 years, International Tyre Business has specialised in the collection of used truck, earth-moving vehicle and agricultural vehicle tyres. We therefore have extensive expertise in the inspection of truck tyre casings. Our business has been based on craftsmanship and quality right from the start. This has resulted in a large and very satisfied customer base and often long-standing relationships.

Family business since 1989

ITB was established in 1989, as a collector and seller of used tyres. The founder's daughters later joined the company and further developed ITB. As a family business, commitment and service are of paramount importance. At the same time, we continuously strive for innovation and improvement. This is essential in the tyre industry, where standing still means going backwards.

Reuse, renewal, recycling

Our main objective is to get the absolute most out of a used tyre. Our many years of experience in monitoring and inspecting tyres has resulted in a special working method. This is aimed at minimising the use of raw materials and recovering and conserving materials and high-quality raw materials, by offering casings for reuse, renewal or recycling.

Reuse, Reduce, Recycle

To guarantee our 3R - Reuse, Reduce, Recycle - approach, all collected tyres are brought to our inspection centre where they are inspected by our experienced staff. After drawing up an inspection report, the tyres are sorted according to whether they are reusable or recyclable. We recycle scrap tyres in an environmentally friendly way at certified processing plants. Reusable tyres and truck tyre casings are stored by size, brand and quality in our warehouse and offered to our worldwide network.

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